Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 30th.


Tuesday. 31st. CFA Tuesday. 31st. CFA
Tuesday. 31st.

Fine after clouds. I went to the Office, drew up all my Accounts and settled my balances. Very quiet and undisturbed all day. Walk. Afternoon, wrote to my father but a blot coming down upon my Paper accidentally prevented my being able to send it.1 Sent my letter to John and Quarterly Account. Evening, Mr. T. K. Davis called in and talked a couple of hours. I retired late and had a restless night.

The year 1833 closed, and when I look back upon it, I feel my unworthiness of so many and such continued blessings. I have prospered in my affairs. I have been blessed with another child and a son. I have striven and not entirely without success, to make myself useful and respectable in society. None of these things come without the direction of a divine dispenser. While I continue my faith in him, while I labour to deserve the share of benefits which is so bountifully granted me, I must pray for his support and his guidance in all the paths of life, and that my failings and errors may be judged rather with the charity of his mercy than the rigor of his Justice.


CFA did send a brief note to his father (31 Dec., LbC, Adams Papers) acknowledging receipt of JQA’s letter of 26 Dec. (Adams Papers) and reciting the accident which befell his reply begun the preceding day.