Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 2d.

Saturday. 4th.

Friday. 3d. CFA Friday. 3d. CFA
Friday. 3d.

Morning colder. Office. Time as much taken up in business affairs as ever. I brought up my private Accounts. From some cause or other, I feel this year unaccountably hurried. I would read my Article in the North American Review however.1 It disappoints me on publication. I must strive to do better.

Walk. Nothing of great interest excepting that the National Republicans have carried all the Senate. This was not quite expected. A paragraph appeared in the Daily Advocate, stating the fact of the existence of a letter similar in purport to my father’s, from Mr. Davis.2 I called to find Mr. Hallett and tell him I should retain the Address a day longer in my hands in order to wait for alterations in the Address contingent upon such a course—One or two passages in it being likely to become inappropriate by means of it.

Afternoon after despatching my letter and waiting for the Mail which as my man said brought me nothing, concluding from the present state of things that if Mr. Davis had written such a letter, it would be suppressed, I sent the Address.

Evening, a visit from Mr. T. W. Cross about my brother’s Note. 241At such an unseasonable hour, it put me very much out of temper. This I record for my future amendment. I paid him however. Quiet evening. Finished Harrington.


CFA’s review of the third volume of Thomas Hutchinson’s History of the Province of Massachusetts Bay appeared in the January issue (38:134—158). There are two drafts in CFA’s hand in the Adams Papers (M/CFA/23, Microfilms, Reel No. 317).


The Advocate alleged in addition that Davis’ friends were holding the letter back until the Senate membership had been determined (3 Jan., p. 2, col. 3).