Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 6th.

Wednesday. 8th.

Tuesday. 7th. CFA Tuesday. 7th. CFA
Tuesday. 7th.

Cold weather. I went to the office where I pursued my occupation of Accounts. Nothing of any consequence happened.

The political affairs of the day are at last settling down into quiet. Mr. Davis will be chosen one of the Candidates to send up to the Senate, the vacancies having all been filled by the National Republicans, the Senate will by a large vote elect him as their Governor. Home. Afternoon, wrote more of my Letter to my father.

I was sincerely grieved to hear today of the death of Dr. Stevenson’s only remaining son.1 This is a severe blow to him, and it made me feel gloomy all day. Every parent must in some measure have an affliction of this kind brought home to him. Read in the evening from Miss Edgeworth and Mackintosh, whose work I am going over.


John Gorham Stevenson, three years of age (Columbian Centinel, 10 Jan., p. 2, col. 7).