Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 7th.

Thursday. 9th.

Wednesday. 8th. CFA Wednesday. 8th. CFA
Wednesday. 8th.

A very beautiful day. Our weather this season has been uncommonly mild and open. I went to the Office. The Editor of the Advocate sent me a proof of my father’s Address this morning and in going over it without the MS, and afterwards with it I was taken up nearly my whole time. It engrossed three hours morning and afternoon and after 244all I did not look over the whole. Mr. Davis was not elected today so that it became necessary to put off the publication until Friday.

Mr. Frothingham dined with me, for the first time for a very long while. He talked much of Dr. Stevenson and of his affliction. Miss Julia Gorham took tea and spent the evening here so that I was disappointed of my promise to go to see Mr. Brooks. J. W. Gorham her brother came in afterwards. I read a little of Mackintosh and copied the letter to my father.