Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 21st.

Thursday. 23d.

Wednesday. 22d. CFA Wednesday. 22d. CFA
Wednesday. 22d.

This was the first morning which has occurred this winter, of extraordinary severity. I went to the Office and found that my Office boy 251had deserted me. Thus it frequently happens. I made my fire and sat down to my occupations. But the morning was so short as hardly to allow of any such thing.

I went about to pay all the small Accounts which I could get rid of, from a twofold consideration, to relieve my own mind and to aid so far as I was able others who might want the money more, in this time of great pressure.

Afternoon at home without doing much. My time is now very lazily spent. Read Bacon and wrote a letter to my Mother.1 Evening, Patronage and Adam Smith.


Adams Papers. LCA answered promptly on the 27th (Adams Papers).