Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 24th.

Sunday. 26th.

Saturday. 25th. CFA Saturday. 25th. CFA
Saturday. 25th.

Weather moderating. The Dr. finally assured us this morning that our children did not need his services further at this time, and the idea is charmingly comfortable. The baby gives us some care, but we hope he will now be less uneasy.

I went to the Office and endeavoured to make up arrears, but what with a visit from Mr. Ladd and one from Mr. Walsh, I executed but little even though I remained until two.

We were invited to dine at Mr. Brooks’ with a company—A. H. Everett, R. D. Shepherd, Mr. Peabody, Messrs. Walker, Magrath, and Seaton, young men at Cambridge, from the South, Mr. Frothingham, my wife and self. Edward Brooks and the family made up the table. The dinner was very pretty although the rooms were too cold to be perfectly comfortable. We returned home by six and I read as usual. Patronage, and a volume of Entertaining Knowledge.