Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 31st.

Sunday. 2d.

February. 1834. Saturday. 1st. CFA February. 1834. Saturday. 1st. CFA
February. 1834. Saturday. 1st.

We were anxious to hear of the little child and at last had an account which promised favorably. My wife went out early this morning for the purpose of riding on horseback at the Circus1 which exercise has been recommended to her.

I went to the Office as usual. Engaged on money affairs. Made an arrangement for a sum in amount about half of what will be necessary, to become payable with interest in the month of May. I have Notes payable on the first of that month for about a third of the balance. The rest I must squeeze somehow or other.

Walk. Afternoon, reading Adam Smith. I tried to write to my Father but failed for lack of subject. Quiet evening at home—Read Patronage to my wife. Continued Terence and Smith.


In the Roman sense, and probably the name of a Boston riding academy or the like.