Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 3d.

Wednesday. 5th.

Tuesday. 4th. CFA Tuesday. 4th. CFA
Tuesday. 4th.

The weather holds on mild although it was cloudy today. I passed my time in no better manner than usual. Accounts and Newspapers. Mr. Degrand called in and gave me his speech to read which was quite tolerable—Two or three very good points.1 I took a long walk. Reflected upon the present state of things and upon the possibility of writing something to affect the people. But the press is overloaded already, and I have no means to communicate my opinions even supposing they were worth any thing. Began and gave it up.

Afternoon at home, finished Smith’s Moral Sentiments from which in the second reading I have gathered much. Mine is about the time of life when such inquiries are valuable as they aid in fixing conduct upon some permanent foundation before times of severe trial commence. Col. Jones from Weston called and made a settlement with me for Wood. He was frightened by the decided tone of my yesterday’s Letter.2 This is opportune. Evening quietly at home. Patronage.


Probably the speech on the “Money Market” which he had delivered at Faneuil Hall on 11 Jan. and which had been printed in the Columbian Centinel on 1 Feb., p. 1, col. 6 – p. 2, col. 4.


To Col. John Jones, 3 Feb. (LbC, Adams Papers). The sale of wood from the Weston property had taken place in December.