Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 11th.

Thursday. 13th.

Wednesday. 12th. CFA Wednesday. 12th. CFA
Wednesday. 12th.

Cold again. I went to the Office but executed little excepting a Lease of the Tenant at Weston, and studied a little the returns of the Massachusetts Banks. I judge from them that our currency is in a pretty dangerous condition. There is considerable difference among the Institutions, but the oldest Institutions do not in all cases appear strongest or best managed. In the mean time the public distress is not dimin-261ishing nor likely to be diminished. The effect will probably be felt by us all only after the lapse of months. The Manufactures of the Country must depress wages, and this will operate far and wide.

Short walk only, in consequence of some Commissions. Afternoon, read Stewart on Taste. His power of illustration is greater I think than his original matter. Terence, the Eunuch. In the evening Miss Edgeworth’s Absentee. Finding myself without purpose, I intend now to go back to my German.1 Began again today.


CFA had at least twice before, in the winter months of 1830 and of 1832–1833, undertaken the study of German through the use of the grammar and reader compiled by C. T. C. Follen (vol. 3:357–377passim; 4:403–431passim). Despite his abandonment of Follen earlier (entry for 28 March 1833, above), it would appear from the selections read over the succeeding weeks that he had returned to the same text.