Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 12th.

Friday. 14th.

Thursday. 13th. CFA Thursday. 13th. CFA
Thursday. 13th.

Fine day. I went to the Office and executed the remainder of the Lease to the Farmer at Weston. Attended the sale of things belonging to Mr. A. Welles, which did not go off quite so briskly as before. The smaller things however sold well. The heavier ones showed (and it is the first private indication I have found) the present state of pressure in the Community.

Short Walk. Afternoon, read Ricardo upon the question of Currency which was at one time much agitated in this Country. Public affairs present daily a more gloomy aspect. The People are at last realizing the election of Andrew Jackson. He is making them feel that they like the frogs in the fable have got for their ruler a devouring and inflexible being. The worst of it is that in the punishment, the innocent are involved with the guilty. We must wait for events.

Read more of the Eunuch which has more wit and character in it than the Andrian. Evening quiet. Had a pleasant visit from T. K. Davis who sat till ten o’clock.