Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 21st.

Sunday. 23d.

Saturday. 22d. CFA Saturday. 22d. CFA
Saturday. 22d.

Fine day. Office. I had two or three persons made application to me upon various subjects. Mr. E. Fuller came in upon the subject of the Lease of the House; I preferred drawing new ones to renewing the old. Accordingly I filled up a blank and executed it upon the spot. Mr. W. Spear from Quincy came in to pay me a short balance of money. Mr. Harrington with a recommendation of W. Spear for Coroner at Quincy which I signed although with some doubt of the propriety of my doing so, being a resident and citizen of another County. I took a walk.

Regretted to hear of the death of Mr. Wirt at Washington.1 He has been much of a sufferer all his life and my wonder is he should have gone on so long.

Afternoon read Dubos and continued Terence. In the evening, finished Miss Edgeworth’s Emilie de Coulanges and began Vivian. Judge Hall came in and spent half an hour. Nothing material took place. German Fables of Lessing.


William Wirt died on the 18th. JQA’s sentiments on Wirt and the means he took to have them incorporated in the House Journal are reported in the Columbian Centinel for 26 Feb. (p. 2, col. 1).