Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 25th.

Thursday. 27.

Wednesday. 26th. CFA Wednesday. 26th. CFA
Wednesday. 26th.

Morning clear and cooler than for some time past. I went to the Office and from there to a sale of Mr. Cogswell’s books. I did not go to purchase, nor yet from curiosity but rather from the sense of nothing to do. I met there W. E. Payne and Dr. E. G. Davis with whom I had much amusing conversation. But this is wasting precious hours. Alas, my regrets lead to no reformation. Lounged over the Newspapers and lounged at Office.

Walk. Afternoon, Dubos, upon Genius, the difficult question of natural powers. A man who admits his definition must deny one of 270Jefferson’s dogmas that all men are born free and equal. Began the Adelphi. The first Speech of Micio is admirable. Evening at home. Vivian, a very strong exhibition of the truth of the assertion that all wickedness is weakness. Began the German of Wieland.