Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 28th.

Sunday. 2d.

Saturday. March 1st. CFA Saturday. March 1st. CFA
Saturday. March 1st.

Beautiful day. I went to the Office. Occupied in reading the Debates in the British Parliament and in our Congress. It is not without profit to compare them. Great Britain survived all the predictions and became more flourishing and powerful than ever. I hope we shall get through in the same manner. Great Britain however never experienced what it is to have the property of the Country and it’s power get into different and opposing hands. The whole of the working of the system becomes irregular. And the people suffer, not the wealthy for then is the opportunity for the oppression of these.

Walk. Afternoon, reading Dubos. Disquisition upon the rise and decline at particular times of poetry and painting. Afterwards, Terence, the Adelphi. I read for about an hour and commonly finish one Act. Evening at home—Quiet reading. Vivian—This is one of the most masterly sketches Miss Edgeworth has drawn. The evils of weakness, of that sort of procrastination which avoids the present danger without reflecting, or without regarding future consequences are admirably exhibited. How many more men are ruined in this way than by decided wickedness. Continued my German which is now the same old Ass’s story of Wieland, which I hammered upon so long, once before.1


Vol. 4:417–427passim.