Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 3d.

Wednesday. 5th.

Tuesday. 4th. CFA Tuesday. 4th. CFA
Tuesday. 4th.

Lovely morning. The fine weather this season decidedly predominates. A person disordered in his stomach takes very little notice of the beauties of nature, and today I did not enjoy myself. Attended an 273auction and walked a good deal but I did not feel much better. I wish I could be sure my system was not disordered, somehow or other. Felt relieved after dinner.

Read Dubos and had a visit from Mr. Frothingham and talked of books. Terence. Mr. Brooks took tea with us, and we went to the Theatre to see Mr. Power the Irish Comedian.1 St. Patrick’s Eve, a piece of his own writing to describe an Irish Gentleman, and Teddy the Tiler, an afterpiece to show a vulgar Paddy. He does not overdraw. His Irish is characteristic and highly amusing. His own piece is not bad in effect though it has little in its substance of particular merit. He has taken advantage of Stage effect and sentimental places. We came home on the whole, quite well pleased, But my head ach had returned.


Tyrone Power, the first of that name celebrated in the American theater, had made his New York debut in the preceding August (Odell, Annals N. Y. Stage , 3:655).