Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 7th.

Sunday. 9th.

Saturday. 8th. CFA Saturday. 8th. CFA
Saturday. 8th.

My Ink is so pale today, I have great doubts whether I can write. Went to the Office—Weather being very stormy with wind and rain. Read the remainder of the volume of the Annual Register. I carried it back to the Athenaeum but did not take out a new volume from doubt. The book is hardly interesting enough to fix my attention. Can-275not I get something that will do it more effectually. Got hold of a book at the Athenaeum upon Wines. It is more manageable than Henderson’s although not so satisfactory. The author is too compendious and talks too much of measures. His information is however valuable. His name is Cyrus Redding.1

Home. Afternoon, finished Dubos and the Hecyra of Terence. The former has not quite filled my expectations. Upon the latter there have been great debates. It was not successful in representation, and Colman gives his opinion of the causes why it was not so. He attributes the failure to its being dry. I think it wants the observation of human nature and the great sketchiness of his other plays. Evening quite at home. Began reading Miss Edgeworths story of Ennui. German.


The volume was History and Description of Modern Wines, London, 1833.