Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 18th.

Thursday. 20th.

Wednesday. 19th. CFA Wednesday. 19th. CFA
Wednesday. 19th.

Uncommonly warm for the Season. I went down to the Office. My time passed quite unprofitably. My good resolutions produce little benefit of any sort. What with lounging at Insurance Offices, and conversation with Mr. Walsh, and reading Newspapers, and accounts now and then, I am making useless my most valuable time. Walk, after stopping at the Athenaeum where I saw nothing new.

Afternoon reading Benjamin Constant. His Account of the Jewish History remarkable and not unworthy of attention. Tusculan question whether death is an evil. The elegance of the style always pleases—Even when the argument is inconclusive or the reasoning fanciful. Some of the ideas have abundant force particularly in the mouth of 281the Pagan. Evening quietly at home. Finished Ennui and began Almeria. German which begins to come easier.