Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 23d.

Tuesday. 25th.

Monday. 24th. CFA Monday. 24th. CFA
Monday. 24th.

Mild. Read Mrs. Jamieson’s Memoirs of Female Sovereigns,1 Christina of Sweden—A curious and interesting personage. Office. Time pretty much engrossed by the Conants who came to make a settlement. I heard no more of the claim for labour but as a silent compromise admitted an Account of Collection for about five dollars more than usual. The business was finished in the course of a short time and much to my relief.

Short walk. Afternoon wrote a letter to my Mother upon the subject of our Summer Arrangements.2 Mr. Brooks has invited us to Medford, but our acceptance can only depend upon the probable length of the Session. Read Constant and Cicero’s Tusculan Question, Nr. 2. Evening quiet at home. Madame de Fleury by Miss Edgeworth. Afterwards, German.


Mrs. Anna Jameson, Memoirs of Celebrated Female Sovereigns, 2 vols., London, 1831, borrowed from the Athenaeum.


23 March (Adams Papers); a reply to LCA’s letter to CFA (19 March, Adams Papers) inviting his family to spend the summer at Quincy. The question of summer residence was left unresolved pending further word on the probable adjournment date of Congress.