Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 28th.

Sunday. 30th.

Saturday. 29th. CFA Saturday. 29th. CFA
Saturday. 29th.

Lovely day. I was so much tempted to be out that I did not execute much at home. Walked to the Boylston Market to make up the record of the annual meeting which took an hour or two. Mr. Kirke called in to see me from Quincy. My Mother has, I presume dismissed him and he has come for his wife.1 This will probably have some influence upon our Summer arrangements. The idea of a totally new batch of Servants is comfortless enough. I have been very much inclined to accept of Mr. Brooks’ invitation for this year and yet when I reflect upon it, I scarcely know what the result would be. I never yet could get through a week there, how could I manage six months? We must await the decision from Washington. Afternoon, Benjamin Constant and German in which I think I get on. Cicero.


John Kirk, the Adamses’ coachman, was periodically intemperate. Mrs. Kirk regularly lived in the Old House while her husband was employed in Washington. See LCA to CFA, 19, 28 March 1834 (Adams Papers); vol. 4:330, 398.