Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 31st.

Wednesday. 2d.

Tuesday. April 1. CFA Tuesday. April 1. CFA
Tuesday. April 1.

The weather was blustering with occasional rain. I went to the Office as usual and was occupied in making out a list of Stockholders of the Boylston Market for the use of the Treasurer and his semiannual Dividend. I forgot to notice yesterday in it’s proper place the meeting of Directors which I attended in the afternoon in which they declared this Dividend to be four dollars on the share and at the same time voted to go into the building of a new fish Market. This spirit is the bane of the productiveness of that property yet from the characters of the Directors and their stake in it I cannot help believing they are doing well for it. A Mr. Curtis came in to transfer some shares and expressed an inclination to sell them, upon which I made him an offer without much judgment I confess. He retired to think upon it.

I was engaged in business. Called upon Mr. P. Foster and settled with him as to the Quarterly Interest. No walk. Afternoon at home. Benjamin Constant, and Cicero’s Third Tusculan. Evening to Mr. Brooks. A family party and Supper. Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, a new married pair with her Mother and Aunt.1 Mr., Mrs. and Miss Sumner, Mr. Coffin, W. G. Brooks and wife. I was dull and did not relish it.


Elizabeth, the widow of Nathan Bridge, was a sister of Mrs. Henshaw, and the mother of Susan A. Bridge, who had been married to Charles T. Jackson for just a month (Columbian Centinel, 1 March, p. 2, col. 6; Brooks, Farm Journal, 1 April 1834, MHi).