Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. April 1.

Thursday. 3d.

Wednesday. 2d. CFA Wednesday. 2d. CFA
Wednesday. 2d.

The weather cloudy and dull. I was myself in but indifferent spirits. The answer of my Mother has operated so much upon Abby that I am afraid she has undone all that I have been striving to do. She has declined her father’s invitation on the ground that my friends wish 288her to be with them. Thus matters now stand. She has offered to spend the intervening time before their arrival with him, and his answer was not decided, but I thought declining.

Office. Occupied in Accounts—One or two applications on a change of Tenants in the House 23 Court Street which was much to my satisfaction. The former Tenant has not disappointed my fears. Called on Mr. Robinson at the Gas light Office to inquire into Slader’s (the new applicant’s) character. He gave a good one but doubted his ability to pay so heavy a rent. Afternoon, wrote to my Mother.1 Constant and Cicero. Evening quiet at home. Read Miss Edgeworth’s Dun, and afterwards German.


The letter is in the Adams Papers.