Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 14th.

Wednesday. 16th.

Tuesday. 15th. CFA Tuesday. 15th. CFA
Tuesday. 15th.

The children seem to be a little disordered which makes us uneasy and unhappy. I trust as I ever do. The day was excessively and unnaturally warm. I went to the Office. Two or three visits from Tenants &ca. I went into State Street where a meeting had been called of the people to notice the “triumph” in New York.1 These things seem here to be under a species of guidance which I can neither admire nor approve. The mob seem to be acquiring an ascendency even in this most settled of grave places.

It was too warm to walk. Afternoon at home. I began Sir James Mackintosh’s History of Maritime Discovery in the Cabinet Cyclopedia.2 But my time was rather lazily spent. Evening at home till eight when we went to a small supper party at Mrs. A. H. Everett’s. The persons were quite select, that is to say a compound of the most exclusive aristocracy and the most questionable people. The Sears, Thorndike, Ticknor, and the Inglises, Baldwins, J. S. Wright and J. E. Thayer—A very curious collection out of whom I knew but two or three. My evening was consequently one of the most stupid. I left in disgust and went home before the rest. It was tiresome enough.


The meeting, occasioned by “the great political revolution achieved by the Whigs” in New York City, was held in State Street on the eastern front of City Hall because of a lack of capacity in Faneuil Hall, and was described as “one of the largest popular meetings ever assembled in this city” (Columbian Centinel, 16 April, p. 2, col. 2).


The volume in Rev. Dionysius Lardner’s Cabinet Cyclopaedia was borrowed from the Athenaeum.