Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 30th.

Friday. 2d.

Thursday. May 1. CFA Thursday. May 1. CFA
Thursday. May 1.

A beautiful May day. I went out earlier than usual and was engaged much of my time in business affairs. Looked over my Accounts &ca. and afterwards took a walk. Nothing material took place.

Afternoon, Captain Beechey’s Voyage. He seems to have been wanting in the conciliatory manners which are so necessary in a voyage of Discovery. I judge so because he gets into difficulty almost uniformly. He has contests with the natives of Easter Island, the Gambeis and the Esquimaux. He does not appear to have impressed them with a sufficient idea of his power, which is after all the only thing to keep the malicious propensities of man in subjection. He discovered but 305little. His merit seems to have been that of an accurate Officer. His losses by accidents amount to one eighth or ninth of the whole number of men. How will this compare with that of other Navigators?

Mrs. Adams went out to ride and did not return until late. In the evening, we went to a small family party at Mr. Josiah Bradlee.1 It was excessively dull to me. Home at ten.


Mrs. Josiah Bradlee was Nathaniel Frothingham’s sister; see vol. 3:108; 4:365–366.