Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 6th.

Thursday. 8th.

308 Wednesday. 7th. CFA Wednesday. 7th. CFA
Wednesday. 7th.

It held up during the morning but by noon it set in as earnestly as ever and rained heavily all the rest of the day. This was peculiarly disagreeable as we had fixed upon this day for our removal to Medford. The House was in such a condition that it was deemed inexpedient to delay, although it was rather cheerless to start in such a Storm. My morning was passed in a variety of little occupations incident to this business. I saw my wife and the children fairly off in the Carriage, after which I made preparations to go myself. Mr. Brooks accompanied me. We were not materially wet. Dinner and afternoon quiet.

My arrangements could not be very methodical, and my books not being here, I was obliged to sit down with any book I could find. Took up Swift’s four last years of Queen Anne. A compound of all bad passions. I wonder people admire his style so much. There is nothing in it but clearness. The graces and the virtues are all wanting. Evening got hold of a Novel, Esteban, a sort of personal biography of a Spaniard during the times of trouble. Read my Chapters of the Bible.