Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 23rd.

Sunday. 25th.

317 Saturday. 24th. CFA Saturday. 24th. CFA
Saturday. 24th.

Morning cloudy and warm. I accompanied Mr. Brooks to town. Time passed at the Office. Mr. W. Spear called and paid some money, besides discussing matters relating to Quincy. He seems likely to prove a very good Man to examine things and suggest improvements I cannot observe. I have made up the sum I expected in readiness for the 26th, Isaac Hull’s birth day. But the point is lost and the money goes to pay other debts which are not calculated to relieve me from the payment of interest. Went to the House for one or two things. Return. Afternoon, Mandeville, and Ovid, Leander to Hero and the reply. Evening, Hume’s Essays. A thunder shower. It is impossible to describe any thing more quiet and methodical than my present way of life.