Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. June 1st.

Tuesday. 3d.

Monday. 2d. CFA Monday. 2d. CFA
Monday. 2d.

Rode to town accompanied by Mr. Brooks. It cleared off and became a fine day. The sight of sunshine was quite a novelty. Office. Letters from Washington.1 Congress appear likely to adjourn about the 1st of July. I wrote my Diary which had been by my absence falling into arrears a little. Artillery Election day, a holiday still kept up although deprived of many of its supports.2 Home to dine in a high wind. Afternoon, Mandeville whose second volume appears to me to want genius and Ovid, Love Elegies—Free enough. Evening, Finished Brewster on Natural Magic. A curious work the beginning of which is better than the end.


One of these was JQA to CFA, 28 May (Adams Papers).


The 196th anniversary (Columbian Centinel, 2 June, p. 2, cols. 2, 4). For an account of the annual ceremonies held by the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Company, see vol. 3:255.