Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 2d.

Wednesday. 4th.

322 Tuesday. 3d. CFA Tuesday. 3d. CFA
Tuesday. 3d.

A fine day though cool and with a high wind from the Northwest. I went to town with Mr. Brooks in his Carriage and the children of Mr. Everett who return home. They are interesting. Nothing of any consequence. I was at the Office a little while and then went down to the Athenaeum where I passed a couple of hours in reading the English Periodicals. An Article in Blackwood upon Lord Brougham,1 evidently from one of the Bar who feels the effect of the Chancellor’s new measures. It is difficult to draw the substance out of the mass of party violence in England. There is probably some justice in the complaints of both sides. Lounged a short time in the Gallery. This brought me to about my time to return to Medford. Mrs. Frothingham’s two eldest boys went with us.

Read Mandeville after dinner, and Ovid’s Elegies. There is no delicacy in the love of these. It is all sense. Evening, accompanied Mr. Brooks to his neighbor and connexion Mr. Jonathan Brooks’. Passed an hour. He was not as lively as I have known him. Home. Read two Lectures upon Political Economy by Whately of Oxford.2


“Lords Brougham, Lyndhurst, and Local Courts,” Blackwood’s Magazine, 35:562–586 (April 1834).


CFA had borrowed Richard Whately’s Lectures on Political Economy, London, 1831, from the Athenaeum.