Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 6th.

Sunday. 8th.

Saturday. 7th. CFA Saturday. 7th. CFA
Saturday. 7th.

Pleasant day. I rode to town accompanied by Mr. Brooks. Nothing of any consequence transpired. I was at the office sometime. Mr. Spear called in from Quincy and I settled with him for his services in collection. This was a pretty efficient measure. It secured to me a sum in a few days which would have taken me as many months and at a less price to my father. I lose something by it, but that ought not to be counted. One or two other persons called with demands after which I left town.

Edward Brooks and P. C. Brooks Jr. dined at Medford and we had a very pleasant time. I did little or nothing in the afternoon in consequence. That is an incident to a country life. Evening very quiet at home. Pursued the History of Maritime Discovery which continues to be exceedingly interesting.