Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 16th.

Wednesday. 18th.

Tuesday. 17th. CFA Tuesday. 17th. CFA
Tuesday. 17th.

Rode to town, accompanied by Mr. Brooks. Found myself in pretty active request, first by the necessity of attending to my purchase of wine, then to go to the Athenaeum, then to call upon Mrs. Frothingham and then Office where I had Mrs. Relief Harris in quest of information about her claim for pension arrears.1 Then an applicant for the office below and thus my morning passed. Out of town. Afternoon, reading Cowper which book I finished not I hope without having made some reflections of a profitable nature to myself. Poets seem to have some tendency to madness. Inspiration among savage nations is our madness. The Intellects brighten when reason fails. I accompanied Mr. Brooks to make some town visits. Mrs. Hall’s, Mrs. Gray’s and Mr. Stetson’s the Clergyman of the Parish. We rode home.


JQA had been enlisted, in the absence of a representative from her district, to present the claim of Mrs. Relief Harris, widow of Oliver Harris. CFA wrote to his father on the matter at once (17 June, LbC, Adams Papers). JQA replied that he had earlier notified her agent that the claim had been denied (26 June, Adams Papers).