Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 20th.

Sunday. 22d.

Saturday. 21st. CFA Saturday. 21st. CFA
Saturday. 21st.

I did not go to town today. But Mr. Brooks and P. C. Jr. and my wife did go. My occupation was principally German, an extract from Schiller’s Thirty years war which I found easy and agreeable, and an Article in the American Quarterly Review upon the Currency question1 which required very deliberate examination. Few subjects are more intricate than the questions of political economy. We are as yet only in the infancy of the science. There has been a vast deal of superficial theory and false induction. The experiments require to be upon so great a scale that it is very difficult to observe them properly, and when observed their correctness is endangered by the accidental occurrence of a thousand external circumstances. Life of Jay. Afternoon Mrs. Inchbald. P. C. Brooks Jr. did not return today. Ovid. Evening, Quarterly Review, very Tory, but not without a good deal of ability.


“The Public Distress,” American Quarterly Review, 15:498–531 (June 1834).