Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 25th.

Friday. 27th.

Thursday. 26th. CFA Thursday. 26th. CFA
Thursday. 26th.

Weather warm but pleasant. There was a thunder shower in the afternoon. I went to town accompanied by Mr. Brooks. Occupied at 334my Office in writing up Diary, then on the Athenaeum and from thence to my house. Thus the time passed, then to Medford.

Afternoon, read Mrs. Inchbald’s Life. A poor thing as ever was. Towards the latter part of the second volume the letters of Miss Edgeworth are introduced which are worth all the rest put together. The more I see of that lady, the more I admire her. She represents more fully the English character in its best condition than any body I know.

Ovid, Art of Love, second volume, which is prettier. One may trace in this book many of the notions which prevail with respect to women, as that deception is lawful, the modes of flattery, the excessive subjection to their will &ca. &ca. His particular fort lays in the illegible word the Grecian Mythology.1 Nothing else material. Received a letter from my father conveying some disagreeable news respecting Joseph H. Adams.2


Not only is the illegible word overwritten, but the sentence is probably otherwise defective.


To CFA, 23 June (Adams Papers). Midshipman Joseph Harrod Adams had contracted debts and had drawn upon JQA for money. JQA, having declined to accept the draft, asks that Phineas Foster, Joseph’s guardian, be approached to see if he feels authorized to order its payment. The upshot was that Foster, authorized by the judge of probate, agreed to pay the sum and asked that JQA honor the draft at maturity (CFA to JQA, 27 June, LbC, Adams Papers).