Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 29th.

Tuesday. July 1.

Monday. 30th. CFA Monday. 30th. CFA
Monday. 30th.

Cold, cloudy morning. I accompanied Mr. Brooks to town and passed my whole morning very busily in Accounts. Drew up my Quarterly Statement for my father and prepared my own books on the system of Double Entry to make an experiment. I think I am getting a little insight into the matter. Nothing else material.

Returned and passed the afternoon in examining the Post Office Pamphlet which displays a sum of public corruption I would not have supposed possible to take place in so short a time.1 My father’s administration was attacked for its corruption by these very men. The truth was it was not corrupt enough for their taste.

Ovid. Finished the second book of the Art of Love. I long to get to something better. Evening, the Misses Brooks called. Read the Extract from Schiller’s Ghost Seer in the German Reader. Very interesting.


The Report of the majority of the Post Office Committee was severe in its judgment of the integrity with which the Post Office Department was administered.