Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Monday. 30th.

Wednesday. 2d.

Tuesday. July 1. CFA Tuesday. July 1. CFA
Tuesday. July 1.

A cloudy, cool morning. We have as yet had no summer. I went to town alone. And was very much occupied nearly all my time in Accounts. My first day of the Quarter is generally devoted to a variety of little payments which should be made. I also went to the Athenaeum, and from thence to Mrs. Frothinghams. On my return transacted business with one or two Tenants and thus passed the time.

Returned to dinner. Mr. Brooks brought up his son P. Chardon with him. Afternoon read German finishing the interesting extract from the Ghost Seer. Ovid also. Evening. An article in the last number of the North American which is the smoothest piece of workmanship upon so difficult a subject as our party history, which I have seen, Alexander and Edward Everett are studious perverters of History.1


The article in the North Amer. Rev. , 39:208–268 (July 1834), on “The Origin and Character of the Old Parties” was by A. H. Everett.