Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 3d.

Saturday. 5th.

Friday. 4th. CFA Friday. 4th. CFA
Friday. 4th.

This being the great Anniversary of the Nation I should have preferred to have remained quietly at Medford, but as Mr. Brooks and my Wife proposed to make a trip to Andover, I thought I would not stay alone and therefore would drive over to Quincy. Passed through town and noticed the diversified gaieties of the town. Came across the Trade’s Union Procession which had a great ship upon rollers. Then a troop of truckmen in white on horseback. Then a boy’s engine company. I got through all these things and finally reached Quincy. Found Kirk gone to town. This was bad but I sat down and read the Ghost Seer all day so that I made it up. Returned home. Quite fatigued. Although a novice in German, I read sixty pages of this book today. 338Others were probably engaged in the noisy festivities of the day. I have no such fancies. Perhaps I am wrong. There may be public spirit in public eating and drinking and walking but I never could understand it.