Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. 11th.

Sunday. 13th.

Saturday. 12th. CFA Saturday. 12th. CFA
Saturday. 12th.

A cool day. I went to town with Mr. Brooks. At Office, where I was engaged with one or two Tenants, after which having received a Notification that I was appointed upon a Committee to make arrangements to do honor to the memory of LaFayette, I attended a meeting of the same at the Office of Mr. Austin but they being slow, I did not wait for the formation of a Quorum. This is a singular appointment from the fact that I never attend the occasions and have a very small number of acquaintances who do. My desire in similar cases is rather to go through all necessary and proper forms than to put myself at all in advance. I showed my willingness to do my part and that was enough. Attended a Stock Sale but purchased nothing.

We went out of town earlier than usual as Mr. Brooks was to have company at dinner. The Agricultural Society of which he is a Member and an Officer have a board of Trustees and these dine at each other’s Houses once in each year. There being twelve, makes the dinner come monthly. In order to fill up the table, strangers are invited as guests. There were today, Messrs. J. Welles, E. H. Derby, Guild, Codman, J. Quincy Jr. and J. C. Gray, of the Society. And Messrs. Gorham, Sam. Welles, R. D. Tucker, Inches, Col. Baldwin, Rev. Mr. Stetson, Guests. Mr. Everett, Mr. Frothingham and Edward Brooks of the family. The dinner was quite pleasant and the Guests departed in good humor. Evening quiet. I could not do much so I retired somewhat earlier than my usual hour.