Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 23d.

Friday. 25th.

Thursday. 24th. CFA Thursday. 24th. CFA
Thursday. 24th.

The day being cool and pleasant I thought I would stay at home. Accordingly I spent the morning down in the Grove which was cool and quiet. My occupation was so constant that I executed a good deal. Finished the Life of Hamilton, a book full of party feeling antipodal to Jefferson’s, and good to read at the same time on that account. Finished Whately’s Rhetoric the last chapter of which on Elocution is worth all the rest of the book. I hope I have strengthened some of my notions in case (which is very doubtful) I ever should exercise my powers. Finished also the life of John Jay. A good though rather a heavy book. He was one of the most conscientious, highminded patriots of the Revolution, and guided by a strong religious feeling which exalts him far above some of his co-temporaries. Thus the time was filled up.

After dinner, I accompanied Mr. Brooks and my Wife to Cambridge. Called upon Mrs. Parks,1 and took tea at Mrs. J. C. Gray’s. Mr. and Mrs. Lothrop there. We went into Mount Auburn which is far more tastefully laid out than I had expected. It was quite late when we got home.


On Mrs. Warham Parks, sister of ABA’s mother, see vol. 2:266.