Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 27th.

Tuesday. 29th.

Monday. 28th. CFA Monday. 28th. CFA
Monday. 28th.

The morning was cool and clouds came up from the Eastward which soon produced a strong contrast to the yesterdays temperature. I went to town alone, and was occupied all the morning, first in a visit to my House where I put away my Certificates &ca. and then in copying for my father and writing for myself.

At noon I went to Quincy. Found my father at dinner, not expecting me much. He seemed in better spirits than he was. Conversation. In the afternoon, I finished the third volume of Jefferson. A change and a very bad change came over his spirit in 1794. His letters are after that period very full of bad passions. Read Madame de Maintenon and a little of Ovid very superficially. Two visitors were here to see 351my father but I did not go down. A. H. Everett and B. F. Hallett. Quiet evening.