Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 31st.

Saturday. 2d.

Friday. August 1st. CFA Friday. August 1st. CFA
Friday. August 1st.

I returned to town this morning and found Wilson with the Carriage there. He had come in before I left town but gone to another Stable so that he missed me and waited for orders until this morning. At Office I found Mr. T. K. Davis and Mr. Walsh and we sat conversing for some time so that I had only leisure to do my writing labor.

We hear of Mr. Durant this morning, that he was picked up in the bay near seven last evening. He was in the water a considerable time but not injured. I am glad of it and yet such wantonness deserves little sympathy.1

Returned to Medford. Afternoon pretty quiet. I read the beginning of Lord Nugents Life of John Hampden.2 Also finished the second book of the Lamentations of Ovid. His defence is a pretty ingenious one and leaves it to be supposed that the other incident to which he barely alludes was the true moving cause of his banishment. Miss Gray and her brother Francis were here to tea. He sails for Russia in a day or two. German.


The rescue won JQA’s comments also: “I rejoice to hear that Durant was saved. It made my heart ache when I saw him suspended between Earth and Heaven, to think how needlessly men will be prodigal of Life, and how wantonly they will defy the Laws of Nature” (to CFA, 1 Aug., Adams Papers).


CFA borrowed G. N. T. Grenville, Baron Nugent’s Memorials of John Hampden, 2 vols., London, 1832, from the Athenaeum.