Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Friday. August 1st.

Sunday. 3d.

Saturday. 2d. CFA Saturday. 2d. CFA
Saturday. 2d.

Pleasant morning. I went to town accompanied by Mr. Brooks. Received a letter from my father1 stating that my Mother had not yet arrived so that I remained in town. Time taken up at the Office in Ac-354counts. Looked over and summed up my general expense for the fifth year of my marriage and found it exceeded any preceding one in a ratio of nearly one third. This is large but not in proportion to the rate of the other side. Thus far I have been exceedingly fortunate in my private affairs. Conversation with Mr. Walsh. Rather idle.

Returned to Medford. Afternoon, I could do little on account of visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Everett, and T. K. Davis, W. E. Payne and Edward Blake. The influx of people here upon Summer Afternoons is such that my time is rarely at my own disposal. My views of self improvement are perpetually disappointed and I believe I go backward rather than forward. Evening, went to Mrs. Gray’s with my Wife and Mr. Brooks. He sails tomorrow,2 wind and weather permitting.


1 Aug. (Adams Papers).


That is, Francis A. Gray.