Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 3d.

Tuesday. 5th.

Monday. 4th. CFA Monday. 4th. CFA
Monday. 4th.

Morning pleasant. I went to town alone. At the Office where I was occupied in my usual manner. Finished Professor Dew’s Pamphlet upon Slavery which has effected a considerable change in my opinions upon the subject. He mixes a great deal of fallacy, much narrowness of mind and Virginia bigotry, with clear and forcible views. The argument against the practicability of deportation strikes me as conclusive, that against emancipation as very forcible. I think the most expedient course is to leave the matter for those to settle who are most deeply interested in doing so.

Hull brought a message from my father informing me of my Mother’s arrival, so that I went to Quincy. Found her with her granddaughter Louisa and Walter Hellen.1 She looks better than I expected to see her. Nearly the whole of the remainder of the day was passed in conversation. I went out and rode with her, stopping for a few moments at Mrs. T. B. Adams.’


LCA’s nephew (1814–1850), son of her sister Adelaide, the second of the Johnson sisters married to Walter Hellen (d. 1815). See Adams Genealogy.