Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 6th.

Friday. 8th.

Thursday. 7th. CFA Thursday. 7th. CFA
Thursday. 7th.

A very warm day. Perhaps as oppressive as any which we have had. I went to town with Mr. Brooks and after I got there regretted very much my going. I was not much occupied. Time engrossed by trifling occupations and a conversation with Mr. Walsh. Returned to Medford. P. C. Brooks Jr. and his wife at dinner and in the afternoon. She has just returned from a visit with her father and mother to the Sulphur Waters of Western Virginia. This is a pleasant trip enough for those who love some interruption to the humdrum of life. The Afternoon was unemployed. Evening very warm. Mrs. Gray and her daughter Henrietta spent the evening.