Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Sunday. 10th.

Tuesday. 12th.

Monday. 11th. CFA Monday. 11th. CFA
Monday. 11th.

Morning warm after the east wind was over. There were clouds which threatened rain but they passed off. I went to town alone. Office with little or nothing to do. Conversation with Mr. Walsh upon political affairs. I partially disclosed to him my quandary but it produced only an argument about Masonry and I regretted I had said so much. I must draw my conclusions for myself. Yet it does me no injury to hear the incidental reflections of others.

Went to Quincy to dine. Found the family as usual and had much conversation with my father upon the general subject of the state of political affairs at present and incidentally discussed the College matter. In this way I managed to do little or nothing, a little of Ovid was all. Evening, an interesting conversation about the Old Testament and the present character of religious opinions in France.