Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 19th.

Thursday. 21st.

Wednesday. 20th. CFA Wednesday. 20th. CFA
Wednesday. 20th.

The rain fell heavily almost all day with a cold north east wind. I remained quietly at home, and thinking I could employ my time to a 365useful purpose, I began again upon my last year’s design, assorting my Grandmother’s papers. Selected my father’s correspondence in order to get that put into a more durable shape. By reading the Letters I get into the whole of the History of the family far more thoroughly than I could do by any other means, and after all, this is knowledge which may become the most essential of all. But besides the information, the Letters are themselves remarkable both in the peculiar style of the writer and in the developement of the feelings which were operating. I continued the work all day with the exception of an hour of Ovid. Evening, we played a game of Whist in the family.