Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 28th.

Saturday. 30th.

Friday. 29th. CFA Friday. 29th. CFA
Friday. 29th.

Arose early and set off with Walter Hellen for Boston so as to be in time for the boat which goes to Nahant. As this is one of our greatest curiosities I thought it would be an act of kindness to let Walter Hellen see it before he left this part of this Country. We were extremely fortunate in our day which was clear and calm—The wind from the Eastward so as to make it quite cool. We started at nine and reached Nahant by eleven. There were few people on board the Boat or at the Hotel with whom I was acquainted so that we spent our time in rambling about to see the Swallow’s cave, the spouting horn and the other curiosities of the place. This with a game at billiards killed the day. At dinner we met with Mrs. Gorham and Mrs. Chadwick, and Col. S. Swett who had been in the Boat was very civil to us. These were all with whom I was acquainted. My luck was not so great today as upon the last occasion when I was here with Robert Buchanan. But perhaps I was as well off. Nahant is a fatiguing place to spend a day. There is such a seeking after amusement and so little freshness and seclusion. Sun and rocks strike at first but soon grow tiresome.1 We reached Boston shortly after Sunset, and Quincy after eight o’clock, heated and tired. E. C. Adams at the House. Family as usual.


For the earlier occasion on which CFA visited Nahant and for an engraving and account of the place, see vol. 3:x–xi, following 281 218 , 305–306.