Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Saturday. 30th.

Monday. September 1st.

Sunday. 31st. CFA Sunday. 31st. CFA
Sunday. 31st.

I resumed my shower baths this morning although the passage of the season makes it much more trying to take than when I left. Read German in continuation. I find it now pretty easy to read familiar conversation in this Language.

Attended divine service all day and heard Mr. Stetson from 15 Luke. 18–20 or rather generally the parable in that Chapter of the prodigal son—Treating in the morning of the character of the prodigal as an object of mercy, and in the afternoon, of the attributes of the Creator as a dispenser of justice. They were good Sermons, occasionally commenting upon the controverted subjects of election, innate depravity and atonement.

Read the last Sermon of the Collection by Atterbury. Romans 12. 18. “If it be possible as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.” An exhortation upon his leaving the Parish of St Bride’s to a quiet election of a successor. He treats of the extent, of the difficulties in the way and of the helps to the practice of the precept. And the Sermon is generally a very good one. On the whole I think not much of a sermon writer. Occasionally he is sound and practical, never great and often exceedingly meagre and poor.

Evening at home. Pursued the reading of the Quarterly Review. Several amusing articles upon what I should consider likely to be amusing works. I also read a little German in which I persevere.