Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 2d.

Thursday. 4th.

Wednesday. 3d. CFA Wednesday. 3d. CFA
Wednesday. 3d.

A lovely morning after the rain. I went to town and upon arriving received an invitation to dine at Mr. Everett’s which I accepted. My time passed pretty actively. I made up the Arrears of my Diary and finished a volume of the Doctor &ca. Mr. N. Curtis called upon me with a piece of business as a Lawyer. I have so much given up business that I feel a little doubtful about undertaking it. On the whole, my morning was fully taken up until two o’clock when I walked over to Charlestown. Met at dinner Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Brooks who are now here, Mr. Edward Brooks, my Wife and her father. Quiet enough. And dull.

I returned to Boston, got my Gig, took Mr. Brooks up from Charlestown and reached Medford at sunset. My Wife in the Carriage with Sidney and his Wife. On her arriving, she gave me a notification of my election as a delegate to the Antimasonic Convention. This is dated August 16, and was left at the house. I was there on the 26th when it was not given me and was probably not left. It becomes necessary for me to reflect now what I must do. I endeavoured to digest my thoughts this evening. My prevailing inclination is to decline. The Worcester men upon whom I relied have left the party, and the Boston men have obtained a complete control by the new organization of the State Committee to include several of the then dissatisfied members. Evening, conversation. I read a few Chapters of the Life of Maintenon.