Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 4th.

Saturday. 6th.

Friday. 5th. CFA Friday. 5th. CFA
Friday. 5th.

A warm hot cloudy day with a southerly wind and rain. I went to town in the Carriage with Mr. Brooks and Sidney and Wife. Time passed very quietly at the Office in writing Diary and setting down some thoughts which I have entertained an intention of communicating to the world. Whether I shall do it, or this will prove only one of a thousand abortive attempts I am as yet puzzled to know.

Sidney Brooks came in for half an hour to inquire if my father could give him any letters of recommendation to Europe whither he pro-380poses to sail on the 1st of next month. I told him exactly how I believed my father stood in those respects, that he had been long at home and that most of those persons whom he knew were dead. He said he was aware of the fact. I promised with this understanding to state the case.1

Home in the rain. I have for several days been suffering with a great oppression upon the chest caused by a cold and today felt particularly unwell. Afternoon quietly at home. Read Madame de Maintenon and Ovid. Evening, German.


On 24 Sept. JQA wrote letters introducing Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Brooks to Edward Livingston, U.S. minister to Paris, to Daniel Brent, American consul there, and to Aaron Vail, chargé d’affaires at London. LbC’s of these letters and a draft of JQA’s covering letter to Brooks, dated 26 Sept., are in the Adams Papers.