Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Tuesday. 9th.

Thursday. 11th.

Wednesday. 10th. CFA Wednesday. 10th. CFA
Wednesday. 10th.

Cool and clear. A fine day. The Child had a very uneasy night but seemed on the whole to be better this morning. Although my anxiety is by no means quieted yet it is considerably diminished by the quickness with which the fever has abated.

I went to town early and was busily occupied all the time, first at Office, then in some Commissions and finally in an investigation of Title in the Office of the Register of Deeds. This is a serious Affair and will require a longer time than I could give to it today. I spent some time in writing upon the Antimasonic question. This is the day of assembling of the Antimasonic Convention and it now only remains to be seen what they will do.

Rode to Quincy today to see my father. My Mother has been very ill, far more so than I had supposed, and even now suffers severely from a very violent cough.1 Nothing particularly new but the house seemed very dull. Thomas B. Adams passed some hours and took tea. Conversation. Nothing of importance.


“The Gates of Death have been wide open to receive me” (LCA to JA2, 10 Sept., Adams Papers).