Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 10th.

Friday. 12th.

Thursday. 11th. CFA Thursday. 11th. CFA
Thursday. 11th.

A cold morning but fine weather. My Mother suffered much from a restless night and coughing and seemed not so well this morning.

I returned to town after breakfast. Learnt that the Antimasonic Convention had nominated Mr. Bailey for Governor. This is on the whole well enough. The sound principles of the party have been maintained at least and the introduction of Jacksonism as a branch of the party repudiated. It is nevertheless probable that the Jackson party will drop Judge Morton and come in to the support of their own interest under the new shape of Antimasonry. We must now see what the game will be. For my part, I rest quietly on my Oars. My course has been one strictly correct in principle and that is my foundation.

Busy at Office all the morning excepting what was spent in Commissions for my Mother. At one o’clock attended a Meeting of the La 384Fayette Committee. Very few present. Question, Money. One of the number Mr. Codman raised a doubt whether any thing could be taken for general expenses from the fund in the hands of the Treasurer collected for the Cenotaph. The Majority did not doubt and proceeded to vote the money. I was inclined to their opinion from a misconception of the character of the fund. But on reflection I believe in Mr. Codman’s objection. There was such a vagueness and bluster in the talk of Col. Baker who appears to be Chairman upon this occasion that I foresee difficulty and above all I see the necessity if I take part here of controlling my temper. The adjournment was sine die, and this is the way young men do business. No wonder they are so often caught in difficulty.

Rode to Medford. The child seemed much better but still weak from reduction. Mr. and Mrs. Everett dined here. Nothing new. Read Madame de Maintenon and Ovid. Evening Elia. Quite cool.