Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Thursday. 11th.

Saturday. 13th.

Friday. 12th. CFA Friday. 12th. CFA
Friday. 12th.

I accompanied Mr. Brooks to town this morning. Passed my time very busily at the Office in writing until T. B. Adams came in. His object appeared to be inquiry into the matters relating to the settlement of his father’s Estate, and also to consult me about his own affairs. He goes away in a few days and wishes to make a thorough disposition of his business before he goes.

Afterwards, walk. Rather idle. Returned to Medford. Afternoon I was just sitting down very comfortably to read when Mr. Augustus Thorndike and Mr. Eckley called to see Mr. Brooks. They did not see him as he was out upon his place. I was therefore obliged to do the honors and accompany them over the grounds. This was wearisome.

In the evening I determined to make up the deficiency in Ovid which is so frequently taking place and read two long Epistles in the third book from Pontus. I am tired to death of these for their sameness, their servility and their whining tone. Read German also and one or two Essays of Elia but it was so cold and there being no fire, I did not enjoy them much.