Diary of Charles Francis Adams, volume 5

Wednesday. 17th.

Friday. 19th.

Thursday. 18th. CFA Thursday. 18th. CFA
Thursday. 18th.

Cloudy and slight showers of rain. I went to town accompanied by Walter. But I had little leisure to attend to any thing. I first went to an Auction Room where some Engravings were sold. Purchased one. Then to Mrs. Frothingham’s, then to the Exhibition of the Horticultural Society at Faneuil Hall. This was a very pretty collection of 388things from the gardens in the vicinity of the town. A great display of grapes, peaches, pears and apples, together with flowers of many varieties. The hall was decorated with these in very good taste. I found a great many people whom I knew, and was engaged in conversing with them. The birds and the gold fish added much to the effect of the scene. I hurried away and accompanied Walter to the North end for the purpose of going over to East Boston but not readily finding the ferry and it becoming late I desisted. Returned with him to Quincy to dine.

Found my Mother pronounced a little better. She seemed to me however still suffering very much. In the evening after the visit of the physician I thought she improved and was quite lively. Indeed this activity betokens to me some remainder of fever. Conversation with my father who is dull, and after all retired, Goethe’s Werther, and dipped into the Pensees Ingenieuses of Bouhours.1


Dominique Bouhours, Pensées ingénieuses des anciens et des modernes. A copy of the Paris, 1707, edition is in MQA.